Join the Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 974 8934 1059
Password: 597121
Join the Zoom Meeting

To join the Zoom Event

Once you have Zoom installed, just click the link above. Your device will do the rest. No need to have Zoom open first.

Download Zoom app here

Chose the Zoom Workplace App for your Desktop or further down for your mobile device.

Steps to turn on SmartBoard:

*Maumee Public Library

  1. Turn on the SmartBoard, lower left hand corner.
  2. Turn on the USB hub, switch is on the back.
  3. Turn on the CPU, the large box on the back of the screen.
  4. Remove the keyboard from the box and turn on.
  5. You do not need the mouse because the board has touch enabled.
  6. Press the raised round button at the lower left of the screen. Choose Display.
  7. Press Zoom and hold. Select open.
  8. Enter meeting ID and password. An email is sent out before the meeting. Or simply click the link at the top of this page.

Steps to turn everything off:

  1. Turn off the keyboard and replace it in the box at the bottom of the stand.
  2. Turn off the USB hub (switch is in the back)
  3. Turn off the CPU.
  4. Turn off the SmartBoard.