Leave your suggestions and preferences below in the comments. Tell Julie what features you like best. Maybe the solution is a combination.


13 responses to “Logo under Construction”

  1. RITA M THOMAS Avatar

    What a difficult decision. You did a terrific job. Of all of them, I think 1B would be my choice with perhaps the hook that makes the vertical component of the B a bit more elongated so the B doesn’t look so contracted and squished if it were.

  2. Roxanne Landin Avatar
    Roxanne Landin

    My vote is 1B

  3. Rebecca Landin Avatar
    Rebecca Landin

    I vote for 1B although I am not a fan of the hook for the leg of the B.

  4. Susan Spieldenner Avatar
    Susan Spieldenner

    Julie, thank you again for all of your efforts in designing our logo! After looking at them again, my favorite is 1A. The only thing I would suggest changing would be to move the rug hook to the left of the “R”. It seems like there would be space when the edge of the state is removed in the banner area. That way both the shape of the hook and the word “rug” would be really clear.

  5. Donna Grudnik Avatar
    Donna Grudnik

    Like 1B, it has printing not writing, the printing doesn’t go outside the banner. I like the hook is included.
    I like the the Black Swamp in 1A with the black background behind the words.

  6. Jodi MacLean Avatar
    Jodi MacLean

    I think I like 1B best, but really all of them are appealing–nice work! In 1B I like the name in bold letters inside that oval, that everything is kind of centered generally inside the outlines of the State of Ohio, that the “swamp” shows up clearly in the upper left, and that the R U G H O O K E R S banner folds around nicely at the borders of the State. I like the hook at the main post of the letter “B” and I like how ATHA 126 curves around just outside the oval. I would like this equally well if the oval were dark and the BLACK SWAMP letters were light as in 1A.

  7. Esther Jagielski Avatar
    Esther Jagielski

    I vote for 1B. I like the double border around the circle and the look of the ribbon. Also the hook in the letter B. My second choice is 1A.

  8. Judy Kehrle Avatar
    Judy Kehrle

    Nice job, Julie. I like it.

  9. Barb Rains Avatar
    Barb Rains

    1a is my preference. The logo is more outstanding. Great job. Thanks Julie.

  10. Jill mikols Avatar
    Jill mikols

    1B. Simple and easy to read.

  11. Cindy Smith Avatar
    Cindy Smith

    1A or 2C

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