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Why the name Black Swamp?

Thousands of years ago, the mile-thick glaciers receded and left us with the carved out beds of the Great Lakes, as well as the massive Black Swamp. It was an extensive series of marsh, swamp, and wetlands, interspersed with forests and grasslands that occupied a major portion of Northwest Ohio within the Maumee River and Portage River watersheds. At 100 miles long and 25 miles wide and approximately 1,500 square miles in size, it stretched from Northeast Indiana near Fort Wayne, east to Port Clinton, Ohio and south to Findlay and Lima, Ohio.

In the 1800s, the Black Swamp was drained by determined farmers, primarily of German descent. They subsequently turned it into the most productive farmland in Ohio. At the heart of it, lies Sauder Village in Archbold, the bucket list destination for traditional rug hookers from around the globe. 

Since no national representation of ATHA, (Association of Traditional Hooking Artists) was in this area, a handful of rug hookers ( Joni Brunkhorst ~secretary, Cindi Gay ~vice-president, Kimberly Hirt ~treasurer, Rebecca Landin ~communications liaison, and Rita Thomas ~president)  set out to rectify that situation. So, the Black Swamp Rug Hookers was born.

Check out this Wikipedia page for more information about the Great Black Swamp.

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  • Meet the Founding Mothers
    While the idea of the guild was born in April of 2023, we never took a photo during that time. Recently we were all at Sauder Village for a class with Donna Hrkman. This was taken in the lobby of the hotel. And here’s a photo of all the members that attended the class: We… Read more: Meet the Founding Mothers
  • A new guild is born in NW Ohio!
    Learning is so important to rug hooking, not just for technique, but for creativity and inspiration. Everyone needs a little bit of that, right? Coming Soon If you would like to be notified when meetings are open to the public, just fill in the form below. We are still trying out venues Get meeting updates… Read more: A new guild is born in NW Ohio!